All Governors are elected for a term of 4 years.
Parent Governors are elected by the parent body, Staff Governors are elected by the Teaching and Support Staff body, Community Governors are nominated through the Governing Body.

Governors’ Profiles

Governors Business and Pecuniary Interests

Terms of Reference for Committees

Governors’ Terms of Office

Category Name Committee
1.     Community Mrs J. Murton Chair Curriculum & Pupil Progress
2.     Community Mr G. Twist    Finance, Personnel & Premises
3.     Community Mr M.D. Stevens Vice-Chair  Finance, Personnel & Premises
4.     Community Mrs. S. Razey   Curriculum & Pupil Progress
5.     Community Mr T. Abbott    Finance, Personnel & Premises
6.     Community Mr S. Mattingley    Finance, Personnel & Premises
7.     Community Mrs A. Temple   Curriculum & Pupil Progress
8.     Community Vacancy  
9.     Parent Mr E. McGrath    Finance, Personnel & Premises
10. Parent Mrs W. Ball   Curriculum & Pupil Progress
11. Parent Vacancy  
12. Parent Mrs A. Castle    Finance, Personnel & Premises
13. Staff Mrs J. Williams   Curriculum & Pupil Progress
14. Staff Ms M. Goodhew   Curriculum & Pupil Progress
      Ex-officio Mr K.W. Moody Headteacher
      Clerk Ms T. Williamson