What Is The Expedition Going To Do?

The amazing Ghana trip showed the massive effect a charity expedition had on the boys going and the people we met, and Peru is a continuation of this as we will be working with under-privileged orphans. It is also the chance to sample a unique culture and explore one of the most fascinating countries in the world.


The Orphanages In Peru

We will be staying in the orphanages in Peru and helping maintain and improve the environment as well as spending time with the orphans. We hope to raise money to not only fund the improvements in the accommodation for the children in Peru but also to provide sports equipment and basic medicines to improve the children’s lives in Peru.

The Vine Trust Charity

The Vine Trust are organising the expedition and make sure 100% of all funds are ploughed back to the orphans in Peru. In that way they are different to organisations such as Partner Ghana and Raleigh International which do some excellent work but are profit making. The Vine Trust’s patron is the Princess Royale and they have been working in Peru and Africa for over 20 years, helping improve the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children.