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In addition to a full written report at the end of Year 12, sixth Form students will receive monitoring grades twice a year,

The monitoring grades will include Current Attainment and Target Grades. These are reported as A* to U grade at A Level and D1 to P3 at Pre U Level. Current attainment is based on a student's performance to date, taking into account, assessed work, performance in class and quality of preparation/homework.

Fine grading of current attainment provides a clear indication of whether students are at the top of a grade band or whether they are only just achieving a certain grade and need to improve to secure that grade. Fine grading should encourage students to strive to make further progress.

Students will also receive an effort grade for each subject based on the descriptors below

1.     Excellent - working hard in lessons, homework consistently of high standard, attitude to learning excellent

2.     Good - as above but more consistency needed

3.     Requires Improvement – inconsistent and uneven effort in class and in homework

4.     Unacceptable - effort and homework of an unacceptable standard

As young adults, students are encouraged to take an active and reflective approach towards their monitoring grades and we would expect them to discuss action points with their subject teacher in order to ensure they improve upon their performance.

Monitoring grades are used by Mentors, Form Tutors and Directors of Study to assess student progress in relation to their indicative and predicted grades.