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Sixth Form students will receive monitoring grades twice a year, in addition to a full written report at the end of Year 12. Students will receive a grade for each subject based on the descriptors below:-

DescriptorClasswork and engagementQuality of independent studyPunctuality of assessed work



Adopts a thoroughly conscientious  and enthusiastic approach to lessons contributing fully at all times and  frequently leading learning.

In addition to recommended wider reading/extension tasks the student carries out wider independent research on a regular basis.Assessed work is always handed in on time.



Adopts a positive, conscientious and focused approach to lessons through active participation and good preparation.

Recommended wider reading/extension tasks are always carried out as part of preparation for lessons and assessed work.

Assessed work is handed in on time in the majority of cases.



Requires Improvement

Work and engagement can be positive and focused however there is a tendency to be underprepared for lessons or a reluctance to contribute.Recommended wider reading/extension tasks are sometimes carried out as part of preparation for lessons and assessed work.

Assessed work is frequently handed in late.



Serious cause for concern

Adopts a passive approach to lessons and is not sufficiently prepared to engage in learning.Recommended wider reading/extension tasks are not completed on a consistent basis.

Assessed work is continually handed in late.


As young adults, we encourage students to take an active and reflective approach towards their monitoring grades and would expect them to discuss action points with their subject teacher in order to ensure they improve upon their performance. Monitoring grades are used by Mentors, Form Tutors and Directors of Study to assess student progress in relation to their indicative and predicted grades.