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​Religious Studies & Philosophy

The aim of the Religious Studies department is to enable students to have a clear understanding of the key beliefs held by a range of people in society and equip them with the ability to explore those beliefs and their application to their own lives. It aims to promote the spiritual and moral growth of pupils through discussion and debate and by developing their own awareness of themselves and those around them.

The topics covered are a key part of the Kent Agreed Syllabus for Religious Studies, and we have selected those areas that seem to relate most closely to the students and their interests. Religious Studies demands a high level of response from the students in that, whilst it explores the key concepts within World Faiths, it also looks at the impact this has on society and how they feel about the beliefs they are exploring. 

Key Stage 3

Subject Content

Year 7

  • Sikhism
  • Introduction to the Bible and the life of Jesus
  • Ultimate Questions

Year 8

  • History of the Christian Church
  • Buddhism
  • Religious Rebels
  • Religion and Science
  • War and Peace

Extension and enrichment

  • Joint enrichment days with other Humanities departments including Black History, Crime & Punishment.

Key Stage 4 GCSE

Subject Content

All students study the GCSE full course in RS.  They study two modules over three years of the Edexcel GCSE.  Each unit is worth 50 per cent of the total GCSE marks.

The two units studied at GCSE are:

Unit 11 – Islam

This unit requires students to study the nature of Islam and its effects on the lives of Muslim believers in the UK. There are four sections covering beliefs and values, community and tradition, worship and celebration, and living the Muslim life.

Unit 2 – Religion and Life based on a study of Christianity

This unit requires students to study the relationship between Christianity and life in the UK. There are four sections covering believing in God, matters of life and death, marriage and the family, and religion and community cohesion.

Extension and Enrichment

  • Enrichment days for RS have included an ethics focus on issues such as genetic engineering, capital punishment, poverty, etc.
  • All year 9 students visit the Regent's Park Mosque in London and the British Museum
  • Joint enrichment days with other Humanities departments including Battlefields trip, Apartheid, the Middle East, Women's Rights

Key Stage 5 Pre-U

Cambridge Pre-U: Philosophy and Theology

This is an A-level equivalent examination produced by Cambridge University.  The end results are equivalent to A-level qualifications.  The key difference is that it is a linear examination.  It is well liked by Universities because it is seen as more academically rigours.  The course content covers some of the same issues whilst developing some to a higher level and adding in an aspect of Theology that is missing from the current AS and A2 specification.  We study units on Philosophy of Religion and Ethics.

More detail on the KS5 Pre-U can be found here.