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Thinking Skills​

We have a three year plan to deliver different types of Thinking Skills

Year 1: Critical Thinking Skills

Year 2: Caring Thinking Skills

Year 3: Creative Thinking Skills

We are aiming to equip the students with a Thinking Toolbox where they will have experienced a variety of techniques that they can select from to fit different situations.

Techniques we have introduced so far include:

• Hyerle's Thinking Maps

• De Bono's Thinking Hats

• Mysteries

• Deep questioning techniques

• Building Learning Power

• De Costa's Habits of Mind

We have also incorporated Emotional Intelligence into our programme at Key Stage 3 and all our Year 12 students are studying AS Critical Thinking.

Useful Links

Thinking Hats

Thinking Maps

Building Learning Power

De Costa's Habits of Mind


Kestrel Consultants

Centre for Cognitive Excellence at the University of Exeter