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International Schools​ Work

OPGS holds the Full International Schools Award for its work with schools across the globe as well as in the UK. We have a long term partnership with a school in Elmina in Ghana which includes both teacher and pupil exchanges. As part of our Thinking School Status we have also been working with schools in Malaysia, where Thinking Schools is part of the new government education strategy.  As a result we have hosted a number of visits of both teachers and government officials to look at the use of thinking skills in the classroom.  This work continues with the University of Exeter as we also develop the first recognised Thinking Skills Qualification.

The language department also overs educational partnership visits to our linked schools in France, Germany and Spain and these offer students the opportunity of not only visiting another country and attending school but also hosting a fellow student when they visit us here at Oakwood Park.  These exchanges are vital for our students studying languages but also a real opportunity to understand the world beyond the UK.

This is fantastic news that our partner school in Ghana, Elmina JHS has recently had students achieve national qualifications in the current academic year. The skills practiced for this exam will put the students in an excellent position as they continue in education. This will increase their opportunities for Higher/ Further education and employment. We would like to say a huge congratulations to the achievements of our partner school’s staff and students working hard with great success half way across the globe.