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Sustainable Schools Agenda

We have been involved in developing sustainability and environmental issues for a number of years and this is an area of the school we care about.  We have achieved a large number of projects and national awards for our work in Environmental Areas for the past few years.  Our key focus is to raise student awareness of behaving in a more environmentally friendly way whether that is dealing with litter or re-cycling, being involved in the school Gardening Club or becoming an Eco-Warrior.

As a school the environment is so important to us that we have introduced an eco-merit system in school where you can achieve eco-merits from staff or Eco-prefects for helping to tidy up, or closing windows or being part of the Garden Club.  The merits are totalled each week and the form with the fewest ends up on litter patrol in school.

As a result of this work we received the Love where you Learn Award from Maidstone Borough Council.  We have also managed to create an outside Learning Space with the money won from another Eco-Competition in which we were national champions.

As a school there is a lot of paper and cardboard used and there is a special recycling team working to try and make sure that nothing is wasted. Each classroom in the school is supplied with a cardboard and paper recycling bin and these are collected and emptied daily into a large recycling bin that is emptied for re-cycling.

As well as this the school also collects mobile phones and empty ink cartridges that are also recycled, but a higher intake of these would be helpful so that the school can recycle more.