OPGS is committed to enabling that all members of the school community have access to prayer and worship facilities, or quiet contemplation, where practicable. Accordingly, we have created a designated room that can be used as ‘neutral’ space by people of all faith groups and beliefs or as a space for quiet contemplation.

Location and Opening Times

The room is located in the Centenary Building in Room 97 and is open at 1:20 to 1:45.

Who can use the room?

The room offers a designated sacred space for spiritual/religious activities (individual and very small groups), designated prayer, as well as a space for peace, quiet and reflection. Students and staff using the room are reminded to respect one another’s space and privacy and try not to disturb those already in prayer/worship.

Vacating the room

It is important that at the end of any session, users vacate the room promptly as it will be used for PM registration and afternoon lessons. Those using the room should ensure they leave enough time to pack away any items used and put desks back in the correct place.

Physical setup of the room

The room has been setup to make it possible for people of all faith groups to use. Anyone requiring washing facilities will need to use the disabled toilet on the same floor of the Centenary Building. Users of the room will need to bring their own religious texts if they use them. Miss Western is happy for students to liaise with her with regards to storing items such as mats in her room.

Use of the rooms

The room should be a safe space for all users. This means that everyone has a duty to respect other users and to ensure the environment remains welcoming to people of all faiths, beliefs, and for those whom religion has no particular significance in their lives. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all users of the multi-faith and quiet contemplation room behave reasonably and considerately towards others who use the room.

This room is not to be used as a meeting space.


The Prayer Room may be used for quiet contemplation, designated prayer, reflection and meditation. Unless group prayer is taking place, individuals using the room must keep noise to a level that does not disturb others.

Display of objects

During the course of a booked session, a group is permitted to display religious materials. At the end of prayer, meditation or contemplation all these items must be removed from the room. This is so all users feel equally