Enrichment and Extension

Enrichment and Extension are integral to the development of young people. The Enrichment Day programme, OPGS Excel and Yr9 Extended Learning form the backbone of the co-curricular life in the school.

Formulated to stretch, challenge, enhance and develop students’ learning beyond the classroom, the activities offer opportunities to “Think Hard” and master skills that feed into high academic and personal achievement.

Enrichment Days 2021-2022

On dedicated days across the academic year students take part in a wide range of activities to support and develop them beyond the classroom. Activities included this year range from a planned visit to the World War I battle fields at Ypres, European Languages Day celebrations through to Space Camp where a visiting planetarium will bring the cosmos to life for the students.

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OPGS Excel - Clubs and Societies

Lunchtimes and after school are hive of activity with an expansive range of clubs and societies available for students to join. From debating, Drama Club through to a wide variety of sports, all students have opportunities to explore new skills and engage with others from different year groups as they explore and master shared skills and talents.

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Year 9 Extended Learning

In Yr9, students follow a diverse learning pathway.

In terms 1 and 2, all Yr9 students study for the Introduction to British Sign Language qualification www.british-sign.co.uk . At the end of the course, students have a fundamental understanding of what life is like for deaf and hard of hearing people is like and can apply their BSL skills by signing assemblies, school concerts and events.

In terms 3 and 4, all Yr9 students follow a supportive and informative IAG (information and guidance) programme that engages and challenges them to think about GCSE and A Level choices and future career plans.

In terms 5 and 6, all Yr9 students will work with an external Fist Aid training provider. This offers students a hands-on practical learning experience regarding First Aid with a basic first aid certificate accredited after they complete the course.