Oakwood Park Grammar School donates over 1200 items to Maidstone Homeless Day Centre - 12/12/16​


Over the past two weeks, Oakwood Park Grammar School has launched a Christmas Food Appeal to collect food items for those less fortunate who use the Maidstone Homeless Day Centre. Armed with a team of `Elves` 12 Sixth Form students have been busy collecting food and toiletries and equipment to donate to the charity. With the support of Ms Bevan we have collected over 1200 items!

The charity came to collect the items from the school and we filled the van from top to bottom. The volunteers at the charity were overwhelmed and said that this will keep them going for a long time.

Maidstone Homeless Day Centre aims to provide, comfort and support to those facing homelessness. In the run up to Christmas it is estimated that 90,000 families will be in temporary accommodation; there will be 122,000 homeless children and 52,000 homeless young people. As a part of the `You Can Help` campaign, the items collected will help ensure those facing or already homeless can enjoy this festive period. After all, it is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air​.