Clothing and Equipment

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that students wear school uniform on all school occasions, including to and from school.  Details of the uniform are given below. 

Every student should have with him for each lesson a pen, ruler, pencil, drawing instruments, as well as the correct books which will be loaned to him by the school.  He will know from his timetable on which day he requires P.E. and Games equipment. 

All clothing and equipment must be clearly marked with the student’s name

Boys may not wear earrings or ear studs under any circumstances.  Piercing of any part of the body is not permitted.  Please see earlier section concerning School Rules. 

School uniform must be worn at all times (including to and from school.) 

Year 7 – 11 Uniform 

  • OPGS School tie with house colours – this must be visible and show seven stripes. Students are not permitted to wear any other tie other than those awarded by the school. 
  • OPGS Blazer with school badge. 
  • Plain white shirt which must be tucked in at all times with top button done up. 
  • OPGS black v neck pullover  
  • Plain black trousers (‘jean style’, ‘super skinny’ or ‘chino style’ trousers are not permitted) 
  • Black socks. 
  • Black shoes (trainer or trainer style are not permitted) 
  • Plain black belt (if worn). 
  • Earrings, ear studs and jewellery are not permitted, nor the piercing of any part of the body. 
  • Plain dark outdoor coat (no hoodies) 

Hair must be natural in colour and extreme hairstyles are not permitted.  Long hair must be tied back.  The Headteacher reserves the right to ask pupils with very long hair to have it cut back to a reasonable length. 

Year 7 – 11 PE Kit

  • Maroon rugby shirt
  • OPGS PE T-Shirt
  • OPGS Rugby Shorts
  • OPGS new Rugby Socks
  • White PE Socks
  • Boots for football and rugby (not blades of any type)
  • Trainers or plimsolls for PE
  • Shin pads for football
  • Gum shield
  • OPGS Track Bottoms (optional)
  • OPGS Track Top (optional)

Year 7 – 11 Equipment List

  • A sufficient supply of black and blue pens.
  • At least two HB pencils.
  • At least one green writing pen.
  • A scientific calculator.
  • A ruler, compass and protractor.
  • An eraser.
  • Colouring pencils.
  • Highlighter pens.
  • Headphones for use in the IT rooms (wired, standard connection) 
  • Spanish and French Dictionary


Bags should be substantial and able to cope with carrying a minimum of three A4 sized textbooks.   A minimum capacity of 10 litres is recommended.

Uniform Suppliers 

Monkhouse, is the preferred school uniform supplier.

There is no minimum order requirement and post and packing is free on all orders delivered within the UK.


Every student may rent a locker from Year 7 to Year 11 inclusive, for a one off rental fee of £20, which includes the rental of a combination padlock.  Please note that the fee is non-refundable.  It is mandatory that this is the only padlock used to secure the locker and it must remain on the locker at all times.  If any other type of padlock is used to secure a locker, it will be removed by the school. 

The combination padlocks are robust, but should one be damaged by the actions of the students and need to be replaced, this will be at the student’s expense (currently the cost of replacement is £11.00 but this may be subject to change). This also applies to a lost padlock.

Every student is responsible for ensuring that his locker is cleared of all contents at the end of Term 2, Term 4 and Term 6 to allow for any housekeeping or maintenance that may need to be carried out during the school holidays. 

Personal Property

All personal property must be clearly marked with the owner’s name, including such items as clothing and calculators.  In no circumstances should students leave money, watches or other valuables in their jacket pockets.  During PE lessons they should be stored safely in boys’ individual lockers for safe-keeping.  Loss or damage should be reported immediately and every effort will be made to recover the article or trace the cause of the damage but the Governors cannot accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, any article of personal property.  In any event, no item of great value should be brought into school. 

Mobile Phones

If parents wish a student to carry a mobile phone for security purposes it must be understood that the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage.  Students are permitted to bring a mobile phone into school; it should remain out of sight. If permission is given for it to be used in a lesson, it must be used responsibly, under the direction of the teacher. Inappropriate use of mobile phones, such as the taking of photos, filming without permission or sending inappropriate messages will result in the phone being confiscated and the privilege removed.  As with all valuables, mobile phones should be placed the in students’ lockers during PE lessons.

Please note that Smart Watches are also not allowed to be worn in school.

Lost Property

Named property is taken to the School Office and made available to students as soon as possible. 

Students should ask at Student Reception regarding lost items.  Any unnamed lost property will be put on display at the end of term.