OPGS Sixth Form have weekly enrichment via the Faculty System. On alternative weeks STEM and HASS students will part in a formal faculty debate. STEM debates for 2021-2022 have included whether vaccines should be compulsory, the adoption of crypto currency, limiting family size to two children and whether AI is an opportunity or a threat. Our STEM Faculty Head works with their peers to choose topics and select speakers. Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Faculty, have debated on: whether the invasion of Afghanistan was ‘worth it’, intervention in Ukraine, the ethics of political violence and the decriminalization of cannabis. Our HASS Faculty Head also works with their peers to select topics of interest. On alternate weeks, students attend a faculty lecture from one of our expert Form Tutors. STEM topics that have been addressed include developments astrophysics, environmental policy and the development of vaccines. HASS students have heard from their tutors on a variety of topics among which are the economics of globalization, fake news, tackling racism, online radicalisation and, regularly, the political situation in the UK. PSHE is also addressed during these talks and as part of a programme that allows students to see the relevance of the health issue to the community at large, as well as for themselves.  

There are discreet Enrichment Days which are vehicles for courses run by experts such as on safe driving, crime and fraud prevention, employment rights, living independently and issues of sexual consent. On Enrichment Days, students may join their year group or take part in a subject organised trip such as to the House of Commons with Politics or to the Design Museum with DT.  

The Sixth Form Team seek to empower students to take ownership of their needs and request sessions that they think the cohort needs, beyond the statutory regime. We have a team of PSHE prefects who work with us on this.