Extended Project Qualification

Course Content

The Extended Project is an A level coursework unit that is the equivalent of 50% of an A level. Students are awarded a grade as in A level. 88% of students in 2022 were awarded an A* or A for their project.  

There are several reasons for taking up an EPQ in Sixth Form: 

The breadth of the project as offered at OPGS allows students to explore their talents to the full. The outcome of the project can vary according to the students’ wishes.  Students could produce an artefact, which could be an item such as a novel, website, sculpture, computer game or artwork.  Some of our students create a performance, be it musical, dramatic or dance. The more traditional route would be to produce a university style dissertation which presents a clear argument on academic debate, such as ‘Is Artificial Intelligence an opportunity or threat?’ or ‘Did lockdown ‘save the NHS’?’ We will work with whatever idea a student has and guide them as to the best format. 

Many of the best universities will lower their offer grades to snap up EPQ students. These students have already shaped their own learning and, as such, have demonstrated their ability to meet the demands of university study. Students have also found the EPQ a stimulating topic for discussion at a job or university interview. It certainly adds weight to any personal statement.  

Some students choose a topic closely connected to their A level subject content. By completing an EPQ that duplicates A level course content, the student becomes an expert as well as broadening their knowledge and boosting their examination result.  

Students will be taught by the Sixth Form Team across two lessons a week which are timetabled and roomed.  

Students start the project at several points during the year. Some start in October of Year 12, completing it the following March. Others wait until the summer holiday of Year 12 to begin and finish in December of their Year 13. The final cohort will start in September of Year 13 and finish in March of their final year. One of the secrets of our success with the EPQ is that students take the qualification when they are ready for the challenge.


March of Year 12 


December of Year 13 


March of Year 13


New students will work with existing EPQ students to refine their topics and take inspiration from the ideas of their peers. Completing the EPQ is the best form of Enrichment in itself.