Within several weeks of starting Year 12, the Sixth Form are invited to apply for positions as Subject Prefects. This position allows students to demonstrate their commitment and enthusiasm for the subject. Their first engagement will be to present on their specialist subject to Year 11 students making their A level choices.  

Many of these Subject Prefects will go on to become OPGS Senior Prefects. This elite team work with Sixth Form staff to champion projects that benefit the school and the wider community. They will raise funds for two charities: one local and one national. In addition, Senior Prefects work towards awards that they feel will give them pride in their school. In 2018 we won a silver Eco School certificate and recognition from for our work on genocide education. In 2019 it was the International Schools Award. In 2022 Senior Prefects are aiming to achieve a Stonewall award. Senior Prefects are also peer mentors, trained by the Mental Health Foundation to support younger students and to empower them to look after their mental health and that of their peers. 

Our four Head Students are the main ambassadors of OPGS, often welcoming guests such as MPS and business leaders into the school. They work closely with the Head Teacher and other Senior Staff to represent the pupil body, support the Senior Prefects and act as role models for younger students.