Media Studies

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to enable students to become critical consumers of the media. We seek to foster an understanding of the media’s power to influence, shape and define our values and sense of identity. We want students to interrogate the media and assume responsibility for their media consumption habits, helping them to understand the effects of their choices. Students will develop high order thinking skills that will underpin their performance in subjects across the curriculum. Lastly, we seek to inspire students to be creative and to express themselves through construction of original and thought-provoking media products that are reflective of their own values and ideology.

GCSE: Years 10 and 11

Exam Board: WJEC Eduqas

Year 10

  • Advertising (Quality Steet/ This Girl Can)
  • Film Marketing (James Bond)
  • Magazines (GQ and Vogue)
  • Newspapers (The Sun and The Guardian)
  • Radio (The Archers)
  • Video Games (Fortnite)

Year 11

  • TV (Luther and The Sweeney)
  • Music Videos (Duran Duran – Rio, Taylor Swift – The Man and Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk)
  • NEA: Film Marketing (theatrical poster and DVD cover).

A Level: Years 12 and 13

Exam Board: WJEC Eduqas

Year 12

  • Film Marketing (Kiss of the Vampire/ Black Panther/ I’ Daniel Blake)
  • Advertising (Tide, Wateraid [2023 only], Super Human [2024 only])
  • Newspapers (The Times/ The Mirror)
  • Music Videos (Beyonce- Formation, RipTide- Vance Joy [2023 only], Sam Fender- Seventeen Going Under [2024 only])
  • Magazines (The Big Issue)
  • Video Games (Assassin’s Creed franchise)
  • Television (Life on Mars [2023 only], Peaky Blinders [2024 only])
  • Radio (Late Night Woman’s Hour [2023 only], Woman’s Hour [2024 only])

Year 13

  • NEA: Magazine and podcast production
  • Magazines (Vogue)
  • Television (The Bridge)
  • Online Media (Attitude only, Zoe Sugg [2023 only], KSI [2024 only]).