Organisation Workshop

Some students find it difficult to get themselves organised. They might have bags full of loose worksheets, struggle to find what they need, forget their homework and /or lose equipment. We ask form tutors and Directors of Study to refer students who may benefit from organisation support to us, and we will support them in this.

We run a one-off workshop in order to provide students with some organisational equipment. We then follow up later on in the term to ascertain if the guidance is helping.  Equipment includes:

  • Labelled A4 ringbinder
  • Dividers
  • Pocket files
  • Pocket-sized, colour-coded, laminated timetable
  • Post it notes
  • Homework Planner

Guidance includes:

  • Using the dividers to organise the ringbinder by subject
  • Using the pocket files to store any loose handouts and worksheets, and file by subject
  • Using Edulink and the homework planning to make a visual homework overview
  • Using post it notes at home to act as reminders
  • Using the timetable to pack the school bag the night before, ensuring all kit and equipment is in place

If you feel that your son/daughter would benefit from organisational support, please contact their Director of Study who will refer to SDS.