In PSHE education we aim to ensure that Oakwood Park Students are in the position to make sensible choices when faced by difficult real world situations and understand that through a thorough and enriched PSHE curriculum their academic achievement will also benefit from being a more resilient and well-rounded person.

Personal, Social, Healthcare, Economic Education develops the knowledge, skills and attributes all pupils need: from mental health to understanding the importance of staying safe online, healthy and safe relationships, making sense of media messages, challenging extreme views and having the skills and attributes to negotiate a potentially volatile labour market. 

Oakwood Park follows the PSHE Association programme of study for key stages 3–5, which covers three core themes – ‘health and wellbeing’, ‘relationships’ and ‘living in the wider world’. PSHE has a spiral curriculum, enabling students to build a greater depth of knowledge and understanding throughout their time at OPGS.

Our enrichment programme provides students with the opportunity to engage with speakers from the wider world to improve their own health and wellbeing. Each year group has visits from key organisations such as Kent Police and Fire Service, sexual health advice from the NHS and Metro Charity, as well as Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health support from the Kenward Trust, Alcoholics Anonymous, Hope not Hate, Mind and Beyond Equality, also all provide an invaluable service to the students of Oakwood Park. Through these close links students learn where to go for help and support if they ever need it.

Foundation Years: Year 7 and 8

Year 7

Students have two 1-hour lessons a fortnight. These include looking at wide range of topics such as; transition to Secondary school, maintaining friendships, making healthy choices, developing career aspirations, and managing risks.

Year 8

Students have two 1-hour lessons a fortnight. During these periods students look at building their self-esteem and resilience, they investigate their rights and responsibilities as a UK citizen, consider what makes a healthy relationship and are taught sex education.

Keystone Year: Year 9

Students have a 1-hour lesson a fortnight. Year 9 students are taught to challenge peer pressure, they look at the rising issues of knife crime and gangs in the UK and how to combat them. They consider how to value differences in our community including LGBT and supporting the homeless. Through careers, they are also supported in selected their GCSE options.

GCSE: Years 10 and 11

Year 10

Students have one 30 minute form time session a week. Year 10 look at improving their study skills and how to deal with addictions. Lessons also include looking at the role of the family, role models and the issues with pornography and sexting to help them build healthy relationships.

  • Term 1 - Personal Identity: Mental Health
  • Term 2 - Healthy Lifestyles: Gambling and addictions
  • Term 3 - Economic Wellbeing: Pornography and Sexting
  • Term 4 - Relationships: Pornography and Sexting
  • Term 5 - Healthy Lifestyles: Role Models
  • Term 6 - Healthy Relationships: Modern Families

Year 11

Students have one 30minute form time session a fortnight. During this difficult year, students focus on their mental wellbeing and look at how to cope with stress, and how to develop effective revision techniques. In addition to looking at how to deal with difficult personal relationships and health problems.

  • Term 1 - Personal Identity: Stress
  • Term 2 - Healthy Lifestyles: Substance Abuse
  • Term 3 - Relationships: Abuse
  • Term 4 -Valuing Difference: Cancer
  • Term 5 - Healthy Lifestyles: Fertility and Abortion