Staff List

Senior Team

Mr K.W. Moody: Headteacher / Geography

Mr B. Forward: Deputy Head 

Ms J. Bevan: Deputy Head / History

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head / History

Ms A. Hern: Director of Sixth Form Studies / Sociology, Politics, Extended Projects

Ms R. George:  Subject Leader of English

Mr S. Baker: Director of Drama / Prof Studies Tutor / ECF Co-ordinator/Director of Enrichment and Extension – Drama

Directors Of Study

Mr M. Keeling-Jones: Senior Pastoral Leader / Director of Study Year 7 / Physical Education

Mrs A. Hillier: Director of Study Year 8 - Chemistry

Mr R. Devonald: Director of Study Year 9 - Physical Education

Mr S. Smith: Director of Study Year 10 - Physical Education

Mrs M. Stamp: Directory of Study Year 11 - Maths

Art and Graphics

Mr A. Edwards – Subject Leader

Mrs H. Alltimes


Mrs F. Ramkhalawon – Joint Subject Leader

Miss V. Rowe – Joint Subject Leader

Miss C. Beeney – Director of Digital Literacy


Ms R. Buckley – Acting Director of Drama

Mr S. Baker- Director of Drama

Design and Technology

Mr S. Peacock: Subject Leader

Mrs S. Harrington


Mr A. Ramkhalawon – Subject Leader

Mr M. Lang


Ms R. George – Subject Leader

Miss M. Goodhew – Subject Leader Media

Mr S. Taylor-Richardson – Second in English

Mrs C. Davies

Miss R. Fryza

Miss C. Hance

Miss P. Woollett


Mr J. Baird – Subject Leader

Mr M. Mayes

Mrs R. Bradshaw 


Miss A. Aldous: Subject Leader

Miss K. Ryan: Director of Student Wellbeing History & Politics

Ms J. Bevan: Deputy Head

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head

Mr K. Moody: Headteacher


Mr J. Rhys – Subject Leader

Mr P. O’Neill – Second in Maths

Miss R. Ghatauray

Mr J. Handy

Mrs K. Lee

Mrs M. Stamp

Miss C. Cook

Mr C. MacDonald

Mr A. Penman


Miss M. Goodhew: Subject Leader – English & Media

Mr S. Taylor-Richardson

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs N. Moreira – Subject Leader MFL

Miss J. Hicks – Subject Leader Spanish

Ms P. Roux – Subject Leader French

Mr R. Chenu

Ms W. Koning

Mr P. Gautier


Mrs E. Judges – Director of Music

Politics and Sociology

Mr J.S. Lewis: Subject Leader – Social Sciences / House & Student Voice Leader – History, Politics, Sociology

Ms A. Hern: Director of Sixth Form Studies – Sociology, Politics, Extended Projects

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head

Physical Education

Mr R. Raye – Director of Sport

Mr R. Devonald

Mr M. Keeling-Jones

Mr S. Smith


Mr P. Sheehan – Subject Leader

Miss E. Biddle

Religious Studies

Miss L. Trumper – Subject Leader

Ms V. Marchant


Miss R. Limer – Head of Science

Miss M. Knight – Subject Leader Biology

Mr T. Hoskins – Subject Leader Physics

Mrs S. Love – Subject Leader Chemistry

Ms K. Carlile

Mrs L. Cohen-Brown

Mrs A. Hillier

Mr G. Kedzia

Mr P. Lindsay

Mr S. Wathey

Mr J. Bourke

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S. Vanson

Mr C. Okoh

Mr D. Dalzell

Support Staff

Student Development and Support

Mrs H. Worrall:  SEND Lead

Mrs A. Harries: Student Development & Support Assistant

Mr R. Beadle: Intern, Student Development & Support Assistant



Mrs J. Williams:  IAG Co-ordinator/Asst. Director of Sixth Form Studies


Admin Team

Dr C. Morrison:  Examinations Officer

Mrs A. Mclaine:  Data Manager


Mrs J. Nichol:  Headteacher’s P.A.

Mrs J. Stedman:  Sixth Form Administrator

Ms M. Friday: Lower School Administrator (Years 7, 8, 9)

Mrs S. Keeling-Jones:  Reprographics/Administrator (Year 10)


Reception/Attendance/Family Liaison

Mrs L. Rogers: Receptionist and Attendance Officer

Miss N. Wilson: Receptionist and Attendance Officer / Year 11 Administrator

Mrs R. Taft: Attendance and Family Liaison Officer


Finance Team

Mrs S. Bryant: School Business Manager

Mrs C. Abnett:  Senior Finance Officer

Mrs C. Miller:  Finance Officer

Mrs C. Allen: Payroll and Pensions


IT Support

Mr E. Solly: Senior IT Technician

Mrs A. Bridges: IT Operations Technician

Mr L. Johnson: IT Trainee Technician



Mrs P. Burns: Senior Science Technician

Mrs W. Stempin-Pietrowska: Science Technician

Mr J. Tindall: Science Technician

Mr P. Hannaway: Technology Technician



Mr T. Rice:  Facilities Manager

Mr K. Friday: Site Technician

Miss E. Ireland: Site Technician

Mr P. Ford: Site Technician

Mrs A. Vidrean: Site Technician