Staff List

Senior Team

Mr K.W. Moody: Headteacher / Geography

Mr B. Forward: Deputy Head 

Ms J. Bevan: Deputy Head / History

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head / History

Ms A. Hern: Director of Sixth Form Studies / Sociology, Politics, Extended Projects

Ms R. George:  Subject Leader of English

Directors Of Study

Mr M. Keeling-Jones: Senior Pastoral Leader / Director of Study Year 7 / Physical Education

Mrs A. Hillier: Director of Study Year 8 - Chemistry

Mr R. Devonald: Director of Study Year 9 - Physical Education

Mr S. Smith: Director of Study Year 10 - Physical Education

Mrs M. Stamp: Directory of Study Year 11 - Maths

Art and Graphics

Mr A. Edwards – Subject Leader

Mrs H. Alltimes


Mrs F. Ramkhalawon – Joint Subject Leader

Miss V. Rowe – Joint Subject Leader

Miss C. Beeney – Director of Digital Literacy


Ms R. Buckley – Director of Drama

Design and Technology

Mr S. Peacock: Subject Leader

Mrs S. Harrington


Mr A. Ramkhalawon – Subject Leader

Mr M. Lang


Ms R. George – Subject Leader

Miss M. Goodhew – Subject Leader Media

Mr S. Taylor-Richardson – Second in English

Mrs C. Davies

Miss R. Fryza

Miss C. Hance

Miss P. Woollett


Mr J. Baird – Subject Leader

Mr M. Mayes

Mr D. Biddle


Miss A. Aldous: Subject Leader

Miss K. Ryan: Director of Student Wellbeing History & Politics

Ms J. Bevan: Deputy Head

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head

Mr K. Moody: Headteacher


Mr J. Rhys – Subject Leader

Mr P. O’Neill – Second in Maths

Miss R. Ghatauray

Mr J. Handy

Mrs K. Lee

Mrs M. Stamp

Miss C. Cook

Mr C. MacDonald

Mr A. Penman


Miss M. Goodhew: Subject Leader – English & Media

Mr S. Taylor-Richardson

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs N. Moreira – Subject Leader MFL

Miss J. Hicks – Subject Leader Spanish

Ms P. Roux – Subject Leader French

Mr R. Chenu

Mr J. Perrot


Mrs E. Judges – Director of Music

Politics and Sociology

Mr J.S. Lewis: Subject Leader – Social Sciences / House & Student Voice Leader – History, Politics, Sociology

Ms A. Hern: Director of Sixth Form Studies – Sociology, Politics, Extended Projects

Mrs S. Craig: Deputy Head

Physical Education

Mr R. Raye – Director of Sport

Mr R. Devonald

Mr M. Keeling-Jones

Mr S. Smith


Mr P. Sheehan – Subject Leader

Miss E. Biddle

Religious Studies

Miss L. Trumper – Subject Leader

Ms V. Marchant


Miss R. Limer – Head of Science

Miss M. Knight – Subject Leader Biology

Mr T. Hoskins – Subject Leader Physics

Mrs S. Love – Subject Leader Chemistry

Ms K. Carlile

Mrs L. Cohen-Brown

Mrs A. Hillier

Mr P. Lindsay

Mr S. Wathey

Mr J. Bourke

Cover Supervisors

Mrs S. Vanson

Mr D. Dalzell

Support Staff

Student Development and Support

Mrs H. Worrall:  SEND Lead

Mrs A. Harries: Student Development & Support Assistant

Mr R. Beadle: Intern, Student Development & Support Assistant



Mrs J. Williams:  IAG Co-ordinator/Asst. Director of Sixth Form Studies


Admin Team

Dr C. Morrison:  Examinations Officer

Mrs A. Mclaine:  Data Manager


Mrs J. Nichol:  Headteacher’s P.A.

Mrs J. Stedman:  Sixth Form Administrator

Ms M. Friday: Lower School Administrator (Years 7, 8, 9)

Mrs S. Keeling-Jones:  Reprographics/Administrator (Year 10)


Reception/Attendance/Family Liaison

Mrs L. Rogers: Receptionist and Attendance Officer

Miss N. Wilson: Receptionist and Attendance Officer / Year 11 Administrator


Finance Team

Mrs S. Bryant: School Business Manager

Mrs C. Abnett:  Senior Finance Officer

Mrs C. Miller:  Finance Officer

Mrs C. Allen: Payroll and Pensions


IT Support

Mr E. Solly: Senior IT Technician

Mrs A. Bridges: IT Operations Technician

Mr L. Johnson: IT Trainee Technician



Mrs P. Burns: Senior Science Technician

Mrs W. Stempin-Pietrowska: Science Technician

Mr J. Tindall: Science Technician

Mr P. Hannaway: Technology Technician



Mr T. Rice:  Facilities Manager

Mr K. Friday: Site Technician

Miss E. Ireland: Site Technician

Mr P. Ford: Site Technician