Student Destinations 2021



55% of students who have moved on to university are studying at a Russell Group or Top Twenty university. These include:

  • University of Cambridge reading Computer Science

  • London School of Economics & Political Science reading Environment & Development

  • London School of Economics & Political Science reading Politics & History

  • Durham University reading Natural Sciences

  • University of Warwick reading English Literature

  • University of York reading Sociology

  • University of Exeter reading Biological Sciences

  • University of Exeter reading Mathematics (2)

  • University of Exeter reading Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Bristol reading Chemistry

  • University of Manchester reading Geography

  • University of Leeds reading Accounting & Finance (2)

  • University of Leeds reading Biological Sciences (2)

  • University of Leeds reading Financial Mathematics

  • University of Leeds reading International History & Politics

  • University of Leeds reading Modern Languages & Economics

  • University of Leeds reading Sport & Exercise Science (2)

  • University of Glasgow reading Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics

The Arts

5% of students are studying creative courses and the subject areas include:

  • Advertising

  • Art Foundation

  • Product Design

Employment and Gap Year

29% of students moved onto employment or are taking a gap year, including:

  • Degree Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering

  • Applying for 2022 entry to university or drama school through the school

  • Administrative Assistant at KCC

  • Call handler for Emergency Services

  • Application for Army Officer Role

  • Intern: Learning Support Assistant

  • Teaching Assistant