Terms of Reference for Committees

Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee

  • To receive regular monitoring reports on the School Budget
  • To scrutinise all relevant budgetary information
  • To receive the audited accounts of the school on a yearly basis and sign off the School Trust accounts
  • To ensure value for money in all school procurement and contracts
  • To update all school financial policies as relevant
  • To monitor all Health and Safety issues and update relevant H & S policies
  • To receive regular updates on all maintenance and contract issues to do with the premises
  • To oversee all capital projects and bids
  • To monitor all personnel procedures and act as the Pay Committee
  • To monitor all Performance Management procedures and policies
  • To monitor the Single Equality Act
  • To monitor all Freedom of Information and Fair Processing
  • To review all Safeguarding policies and procedures
  • To review all Behaviour and Rewards policies and procedures

Curriculum and Pupil Progress Committee

  • To review all school public examination results each year
  • To review university applications and destinations each year and all IAG procedures
  • To review the Curriculum and its impact on a yearly basis
  • To review all assessment procedures
  • To review the School Admission Policy each year
  • To receive regular reports from departments on their work
  • To monitor E-Safety and use of ICT
  • To review all PSHCE policies (sex, relationships, drugs, medicines)
  • To review all SEN procedures