Working Memory Support

At its simplest level, we have three types of memory: short term memory, working memory and long term memory. Working memory is where we hold information for a period of time and then manipulate it in our minds, in order to find an answer. All learning depends on it, being attentive and focused depends on it and some subjects, such as Maths and Languages need it even more. Having a strong working memory is a real advantage when sitting examinations, however we all possess different levels and speeds as part of our genetic make up.

When students struggle to complete work in a given time frame, or forget information easily, or struggle to concentrate, a slow working memory could be the culprit. We can run assessments to find if this is the case. If students do have a weak working memory, we can support via the Cogmed online training programme.

Cogmed working memory training is the most scientifically validated cognitive intervention for working memory and attention deficits.  It is based on strong scientific research with over 120 peer-reviewed studies supporting its efficacy.

Students will login online several times per week and complete the training games. The more games they play and the longer they play, the quicker the results. To try a Cogmed demo, click here.