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Care and Support​

Oakwood Park Grammar School has a longstanding, excellent reputation for pastoral care. Students and staff enjoy working in an atmosphere of support and co-operation. Our system of Form Tutors and Heads of School gives parents a consistent, accessible link to the school and we pride ourselves on keeping channels of communication between home and school open at all times. Students feels safe and the mentoring system gives them clear advice and guidance on where they are, how they can get to the next level and what their ultimate target should be in all aspects of their development. Our programme of personal, social and health education, citizenship and careers advice prepares our students fully for life after school.

Oakwood Park is renowned for the excellent behaviour and the friendly, welcoming nature of our students who actively support one another and the wider community. Each year thousands of pounds are raised for local and international charities through a range of events co-ordinated by the Sixth Form and participated in by all year groups.

The pastoral team is also responsible for organising the highly successful residential trips at the end of Years 7 and 8 Norfolk, Northern France respectively. A programme of visits enhances curriculum studies and gives all students a chance to develop their social skills away from the comforts of home.