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Extra Curricular​

Participation in extra curricular activities is of great importance at Oakwood Park; it fosters a sense of community, enables students to develop as individuals and members of a team and provides rewarding ways for students to broaden their horizons.

The school runs a wide range of sports teams, giving our students the opportunity to compete at local, county and national levels at football, rugby, cricket, basketball, rowing and athletics. We combine this level of excellence with a 'sport for all' philosophy, with regular interhouse competitions, including the annual Sports Day.

The school has a strong tradition in drama and music. The purpose built drama studio is home to the flourishing drama club and there is a range of musical ensembles, including the Ukelele band, whose members are great ambassadors for the school in the community.

In addition there are many other clubs providing opportunities in activities such as robotics, chess, mock court trials and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Also, there are frequent opportunities for overseas travel with recent cultural visits to France, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

As part of our Humanities Specialism, Oakwood has sought to broaden our students' cultural horizons by partnering with a school in the fishing village of Elmina in Ghana. This partnership has many facets.

For our students, from Years 8 to 13, it means they have an opportunity to visit the school in Ghana where they will teach English, work on improving the school buildings and build friendships with their Ghanaian peers with whom they have exchanged letters. The project is an ongoing one so that friendships can be developed and progress in Elmina school can be seen by OPGS students. Our students are expected to fundraise most of their air fare which develops their business acumen and means that the trip will be more rewarding.

The link teachers in Elmina, with British Council funds, can visit OPGS and discover what teaching and learning means in our school.  The teachers who visited us in December 2013 were amazed by the active nature of learning at Oakwood. They taught lessons on Cocoa farming and traditional drumming for all Year 7 student alongside OPGS teachers. They return home with some new ideas of classroom practice.

Elmina MA JHS in Ghana benefits from resource sharing. We are able to fund their internet connection which has allowed our students to Skype their classes. OPGS students will also take out books and sports equipment on the trips in Easter and July.

Teachers at OPGS have benefitted from meeting teachers from another culture who have praised us for our good practice but also demonstrated where British schools could develop in terms of community relations. Teachers at OPGS also benefit professionally as our project has received British Council funding allowing two teachers a year to go over to Elmina to teach the children there.

2013-14 will be our first year of the partnership and we are looking forward to many more!