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2011 Inspection of Oakwood Park Grammar School Maidstone

Thank you very much for making the inspection team so welcome when we visited your school
recently. We were impressed by your courtesy, helpfulness and the great pride that you take
in the school. These are our main findings.

  •  Yours is an outstanding school where you feel absolutely safe and very well cared for.
  • Your high attendance, outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural
    development, good behaviour and good teaching and learning combine to
    ensure you achieve highly.
  • You make an outstanding contribution to the school and the wider community
  • The school works exceptionally well with other organisations to enhance your
    learning experiences and personal development.
  • The curriculum meets your needs extremely well and you appreciate the great
    variety of clubs and activities available.
  • In the good and improving sixth form, attainment is rising, students enjoy
    their studies and are admirable role models for younger students.
  • Leaders and managers are doing an excellent job in running the
    school and know its strengths and areas for development very well.
The school’s leaders are ambitious. They want to build on its success and ensure you
explore the very limits of your potential. We worked together to consider the
priorities for improvement. These include increasing the proportion of outstanding
teaching, giving emphasis to some strategies that will stretch you even further. You
can help by welcoming opportunities to lead learning in lessons.
Thank you again for your help during the inspection. We hope you continue to enjoy
school life and wish you all every future success.
Yours sincerely
Jacqueline White
Her Majesty’s Inspector
For the full Ofsted Report Click Here or Here