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​​​​​Staff List 

Mr K. W. Moody:  Headteacher - History
Mr M.A. Housden:  Deputy Head – History
Miss A. Aldous: - Subject Leader History 
Mr S. Baker:  Director of Drama - Media
Miss C. Beeney:  Director of Study Year 7/SENCO – ICT & Computing
Ms J. Bevan:  Deputy Head – History
Dr M. Caine: Asst Director of Sixth Form Studies – English
Miss L. Cotterill:  Director of Study Year 9 -Technology & Food Technology
Ms K. Dean: Subject Leader Geography
Mr R. Devonald: P.E.
Mr A. Edwards: Subject Leader Art
Mrs J. Field: Acting Subject Leader German - German
Miss A. Flegg:  English
Miss M. Goodhew:  Subject Leader Media – English & Media
Mrs L.P. Hellemans: - Maths
Ms A. Hern: Director of Sixth Form Studies – Sociology, Politics, Extended Projects
Señor  F. Herrera: Subject Leader MFL &  Spanish 
Miss J. Hicks: - Spanish & French
Mr T. Hoskins: Subject Leader Physics
Mr G. Kedzia: - Physics
Mr M. Keeling-Jones: Director of Sport/Director of Study Year 10
Miss M. Knight: Subject Leader Biology
Mrs J. Lampers: Subject Leader German 
Mrs A.E. Lewell: Deputy Head - Geography
Mr J.S. Lewis: Subject Leader Social Sciences – History, Politics, Sociology
Miss R. Limer: Head of Science - Biology
Mrs S. Love: Subject Leader Chemistry 
Miss S. McGowan:  Subject Leader English
Miss G. Mills: English
Mr S. Morrice:  Geography
Ms E. Neelands: Art & Graphics
Mr P. O’Neill:  Asst. Subject Leader Maths
Mr S. Peacock: Subject Leader Design Technology
Mr S. Pope: - Biology
Ms J. Priest: - Director of Study Year 11 - Psychology
Mr A. Ramkhalawon: - Subject Leader Economics 
Mrs F. Ramkhalawon – ICT & Computing
Mr C. Rayner: - Chemistry
Mr J. Rhys:  Subject Leader Maths
Mr G. Rook: - Mathematics
Ms P. Roux – French
Miss V. Rowe:  Subject Leader Computing & ICT
Miss K. Ryan:  History & Politics
Miss M. Saunders:  Asst. Subject Leader English
Miss C. Schiphorst:  English
Mr S. Smith: Assistant Director of Sport
Mrs A. Sorel:  Subject Leader French
Mr L. Thomas: - Mathematics
Miss L. Trumper: Subject Leader R.S. 
Dr J. Watson: Director of Music – Music & Music Technology
Mr B. Webster:  Maths
Miss L. Western: Subject Leader Psychology/Professional Studies Tutor  – Psychology
Mr M. Wood:  Religious Studies

​Mr M. Solly:  Assistant Head Director of Learning Operations
Mrs S. Bryant: Director of School Resources
Mr A. Way: Network Manager
Ms T. Williamson:  Headteacher’s P.A.
Mrs J. Williams:  IAG Co-ordinator/Asst. Director of Sixth Form Studies
Mrs P. Wright:  Examinations Officer
Ms C.M. Banning:  Lower School Administrator
Mrs J. Stedman:  Upper School Administrator
Mrs L. Rogers:  Receptionist & Attendance Officer
Ms M. Friday: Reprographics Assistant
Mrs C. Abnett:  Finance Officer
Mrs C. Miller:  Finance Assistant
Mr E. Solly: Senior IT Technician
Mr L. Bridges IT Technician
Mrs S. Browne & Mrs C. Part: Learning Support Assistants
Mrs M. Ralph, Mrs W. Stempin-Pietrowska, Mr I. Morley, Mrs G. Novikova:  Science Technicians
Mrs S. Vanson:  Cover Supervisor
Mr M. Church:  Technology Technician
Mr J. Walters, Mr D. Williams: Asst. Caretakers
Mrs B. Langley:  Midday Meal Supervisor