Pastoral Care at OPGS

At OPGS we believe that the best pastoral care we can offer our students is one which allows them to fulfil their potential as a grammar school student. We have a longstanding, excellent reputation for pastoral care within the context of a high ability school and pride ourselves on knowing our students as individuals.

Pastoral care begins with the role of the Form Tutor who will see their form on a daily basis, both for registration and form time activities. We liaise closely with primary schools and parents to ensure that there is a smooth transition from Year 6 into Year 7 and have a specialised team of Year 7 Form Tutors who support students through their first year at OPGS.  As students move through the school they continue to be organised by year group for form time sessions.  For parents and students, the Form Tutor is in an excellent position to not only offer advice and support but is usually the first person to identify that it may be needed.

Form Tutors are supported by Directors of Study who have responsibility for the pastoral welfare of students and tracking student progress and attainment for their year group. With the exception of Year 7 and the Sixth Form, where we have a specialised transition team, Directors of Study will move with their year group as they progress from Year 8 to Year 11.  This allows not only the Director of Study to forge excellent relationships with their year group, it also allows parents to have a consistent point of contact during their child’s time at the school. Directors of Study work with the school’s Learning Support team, our Information, Advice and Guidance teacher and Deputy Heads to ensure that any additional needs are met and that students feel supported at all times.