Careers and Destinations

For the past few years, Oakwood Park Grammar School has had higher than the Kent grammar school average of students going on to 'Russell Group' universities. From the cohort of 2017, 45% of students progressing on to university, joined top universities with an average entry requirement of AAA. The students with the very highest marks joined Oxford, Warwick and Bath, which rank in the top five UK universities.

The most popular university destinations for OPGS leavers in 2017 are listed below:

  • Sussex- Politics, Biosciences, Chemistry, Criminology, Mathematics, Psychology, Zoology
  • Southampton- Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Film
  • York- Chemistry, History, Accounting and Business, Marketing, Sociology
  • Loughborough – Engineering, International business, Industrial Design and Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Exeter – Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics and Sociology

In the past few years we have seen an increasing number of students joining the City (PWC and Lloyds) for sponsored degrees or higher level apprenticeships. This year OPGS instigated the setting up of a Sixth Form Careers Fair to be held in Maidstone involving major international companies. Our Induction Day Competition in June is sponsored by LendLease and the winning team join the company in November for work experience in the new Google headquarters. The Chartered Institute of Insurers run networking events for OPGS students to enable them to use digital communication to increase their social capital in a competitive market.

OPGS students are sought after. They aim high and, due to their excellent results and enriched Sixth Form life, are attractive candidates for the most competitive universities and 'blue chip' companies.