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We offer a wide range of courses ranging from A Levels and Pre University Qualification to Extended Project Qualifications.

A Level Courses

Since September 2015 modular A level exams have been phased out gradually and from September 2017 all subjects offered will be linear courses with students sitting all examinations for an A level qualification at the end of Year 13.

The AS level becomes a free standing qualification which does not contribute to the A level.

The school is in a strong position to support students with this change having adopted two year, linear Pre U courses in Economics, English Literature and Philosophy and Theology over the last five years, all of which have produced outstanding results.

Pre U

The Cambridge Pre U is an accredited post 16 course created by the Cambridge University International Examinations Board ( The Pre U is a linear course, with students sitting all of their examination papers at the end of upper sixth. The Pre U also allows students to gain a final grade which is higher than an A* at A Level whilst still maintaining a full range of results from A* to E. The Pre U is recognised by Universities both at home and abroad and is becoming increasingly popular in the state, as well as private school sector.

We offer Pre U qualifications in Philosophy and Theology, English Literature and Economics

Extended Project

Towards the end of Year 12 students are offered the opportunity of taking the Extended Project Qualification. This 'coursework' qualification is higher than an AS in terms of the UCAS point system. In addition, it is an opportunity for pupils to demonstrate both their interest in their degree subject and their ability to work independently. In consultation with their teacher-mentor, students choose a subject of their choice with no constraints other than that it does not directly overlap with their other A level courses. They can choose to produce a dissertation of 5,000 words, an investigation involving their own fieldwork, an artefact or a performance. The qualification culminates in a presentation of their project to a small audience of staff. Students taking up the Extended Project Qualification will have seminars run by specialists in research as well as timetabled lessons in Year 13 to support them with their independent research. Students are also supported by staff and by our resources on Moodle. The emphasis is, however, on the process of researching independently.