Design and Technology

Years 7 and 8

Subject Content

In Years 7 and 8, students complete a range of design and practical workshop based projects, which enhance their broad range of skills and knowledge within Design and Technology.

Topics covered include electronics, plastic moulding, wood working and CAD / CAM skills.

Examples of products students produce include ‘Electronic Fuse Testers’ and ‘Clocks’.

Students also complete a project in Food Technology, which teaches them about ‘Food Hygiene’, ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Food Nutrition’. The Food Technology project includes both theory and practical elements.

Extension and Enrichment

Design and Technology offers many enrichment opportunities in Years 7 and 8.

Students have the opportunity to work with Science and DT in a model rocket making day and with History in a castles and structures day.

Students also have the opportunity to learn new skills such as jewellery making and metal casting or cooking with a Michelin Star Chef if you prefer!

Years 9, 10 and 11

Subject Content

In Year 9 students will learn how to use a range of advanced 3D CAD software as well as electronics and circuit board manufacture. Students also learn about materials, ergonomics, sustainability, health and safety.

In Years 10 and 11, students complete the non exam assessment part of their GCSE in which they have to produce an electronic portfolio of research, analysis, design, development and plan for manufacture work. This relies on the students being confident in CAD / CAM software, drawing skills and being creative designers. Students have the opportunity to use their design and manufacture knowledge to design and make a product of their own choice which demonstrates their skill and passion for the subject. The design and make portfolio is worth 50% of their overall GCSE grade in this subject.

As well as this, students will also complete a series of theory based lessons, which prepare them for the final summer examination. During these lessons, students will learn about:

·          Materials and components

·          Preparing and finishing materials

·          Manufacturing commercial products

·          Design and market influence.

The written paper is worth 50% of the marks available

Extension and Enrichment

Students can enhance their skills and knowledge in Design and Technology by attending some of the many after school workshop sessions available to them. They can learn new skills including metal working and advanced computer aided manufacture.

Students have the opportunity to visit the latest exhibition at the Design Museum in London.

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