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Physical Education

Physical Education is an important aspect of our student's health, well-being and personal development throughout their time at Oakwood Park Grammar School.  We offer a wide range of sporting activities throughout both Key Stage 3 and 4.  Our flexible approach to the activities covered, allows for a personal and enjoyable experience for all students when undertaking Physical Education.  We pride ourselves in our extra- curricular and enrichment programme and encourage all students to represent the school during their time with us.  Our success in numerous sports can be noted both locally and throughout the county and in some sports nationally. 

Key Stage 3

Subject Content

The Physical Education Programme at Key Stage 3 is a broad and interesting one, which allows the students to experience a wide range of activities. Students also develop the four key strands promoted through the National Curriculum;

  • Acquiring and Developing Skills,
  • Selecting and Applying skills and tactics,
  • Evaluating and Improving performance,
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Fitness and Health.

All students follow units of work in the following activities:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Badminton
  • Health Related Fitness
  • Orienteering
  • Rounders

The school prides itself on the amount of time we allow on the curriculum for Physical Education.  We feel that the early promotion of physical activity is important for lifelong participation.  This is why students are timetabled for above the Government recommendation of time allocation.  

Extension and Enrichment

Our Extension and Enrichment programme again is broad and available to all students.  We offer a comprehensive lunch time and after school club programme for activities on the curriculum and not on the curriculum.    We also have an extensive fixture list which sees us compete within the Maidstone area, County wide competitions, both of which allow us to compete nationally when the opportunity allows. 

Our Enrichment Programme sees all students take part in a number of Inter house competitions throughout the year.  These competitions play a key part in development of the House Ethos we have in the school.  All students are involved in these days, be that as players, coaches, managers, journalists or photographers, allowing students to experience all aspects of the sporting environment.  There are opportunities to also experience other enrichment activities through our Team Oakwood programme and introduction days when we utilise local clubs and coaches to provide new activities which we are unable to deliver in the school.


Key Stage 4 GCSE

Exam Board and Subject Content

Students of GCSE Physical Education study the EDEXCEL specification. 

This is made up of:

  • 40% Theoretical Examination, a 1 and half hour written examination. 
    Topics covered
    • Applied Anatomy and Physiology,
    • The benefits of practical activity and the influences in the sporting arena,
    • Exercise and Training,
    • Safety in sport and Risk Assessments
  • 12% Analysis of Performance, a controlled assessment looking at rules, sport terminology, analysing others performance and offering methods to improve and completing a 6 week Personal Exercise Programme (PEP)
  • 48% Practical, students must offer 4 practical activities, 2 must be as performers then the other 2 can either be as performers, leaders/coaches or officials.  These can be chosen from an extensive list of practical activities.  However, most students usually offer a range chosen from what has been covered during Key Stage 3 and 4 core Physical Education

Extension and Enrichment

Students are encouraged to represent the school in their main sporting activity. This is to develop a complete and detailed knowledge of this activity.  They can also help with the coaching and officiating of younger school sports teams and clubs in order to gain the experience and apply the theory concepts taught throughout the course.

There is the opportunity again for the students to be part of the Team Oakwood Programme which explores wider topics such as sports psychology, goal setting, nutrition etc.


Key Stage 4 Core

Subject Content

All students follow a Physical Education programme throughout Key Stage 4, this is so we can continue to develop the students' health and wellbeing and promote a lifelong participation ethos. 

Throughout Year 9 students follow a carousel of activities.

September to April students will follow;

Football, Rugby, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball and Leadership through Fitness

April to July students follow:

                Cricket, Athletics, Tennis, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee and Rounders

In Year 10 and 11 we run an options programme where students will change activity each term.  At the start of each year the students will select a number of activities they would like to complete and then an individual programme of study is produced for all of the students.  At this point we offer a combination of activities followed previously as well as adding activities such as; Kayaking, Sailing, Swimming and Squash

Extension and Enrichment

Students are once again offered a wide range of lunchtime and afterschool clubs.  The fixture list continues to be comprehensive and full.  Students in Year 11 begin the process of working with the senior teams and a number of students do represent our first teams at this early stage.

Our enrichment programme at Key Stage 4 incorporates at same Inter House competitions seen during Key Stage 3.  However we also run multi-sport days and competitions to mirror the options Physical Education programme in Year 10 and 11.  Following the trend of Year 11 students being integrated with the senior teams we also run an Upper School Sports Day prior to the students leaving for their examinations.  Again, we run the traditional activities as well as some different activities and athletic events.


A Level/Pre-U

This is a highly regarded qualification for all those who wish to pursue further education and/or a career related to the Sports and Fitness Industry.  The course also develops students understanding of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle, which would be a huge benefit to any career or further education programme.

We study the OCR specification at A-Level:

  • 70% Theoretical Content
    • Two examinations are sat
    • One 2 hour exam at the end of the first year
      • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Acquisition of Skill
      • Socio-Cultural Aspects in Sport
    • One 2 and half hour exam at the end of the second year
      • Exercise and Physiology
      • Sports Psychology
      • Historical Aspects of sport
      • Or Comparative Studies with USA and Australia
  • 30% Practical Content
    • Year 1 – 2 practical activities, one as a performer the other as either performer, coach or official.  Plus an evaluation and planning for improvement of performance interview.

Year 2 – 1 activity continued from Year 1 and an evaluation, appreciation and the improvement of performance interview.

More detail on the a-level course can be found here