GCSE Curriculum

Exam Board:

Students are completing the AQA GCSE Physics course. This is made up of 8 units covering Energy, Electricity, Particle Model of Matter, Atomic Structure, Forces, Waves, Electromagnetism and Space. Assessment consists of two higher tier one hour and forty-five minute papers, each contributing 50% to the final GCSE Physics grade.

Extension and Enrichment

All student are enrolled into Isaac Physics learning platform, created by Physics Professors at Cambridge University to provide challenging problem solving experience.

The enrichment program varies depending upon booking possibilities, but in recent years students have visited Herstmonceux Observatory and Thorpe Park as well as having focussed practical skill building days to support exam performance.

Year 10

In Year 10 pupils learn fundamental topics on Energy, Electricity, the Particle Model of Matter and Radioactivity.

Year 11

Pupils get mathematical when considering Forces and the opportunity to study the more abstract nature of waves. Later in Year 11, pupils study the principle of electromagnetism that underpin the workings of the modern technological world and finish by beginning studying the fascinating and wondrous contents of the universe.

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