Thinking Skills​

In Year 7 students have two lesson that help students develop their ability to learn successfully and the skills to think on a variety of levels.

In Learning to Learn lessons students gain a better understanding of how to be successful learners. Students explore a range of skills and knowledge that helps them develop as learners including how to motivate themselves and how lessons help them learn. They also investigate how a healthy lifestyle makes them better learners and they learn how to maximise their memories. Students follow this up with how to better succeed in lessons and what makes a successful learner. Students also consider social aspects such as how to work effectively in a group. After exploring these skills students undertake a project where they put into practice the skills they have learnt. These lessons give students the foundation skills to achieve the highest possible success at Oakwood Park Grammar School.

In Thinking Skills students will develop an understanding and knowledge of how and why we have to be able think at different levels. Students will engage with a variety of theories and practices including: Hyerle’s Thinking Maps, De Bono’s Thinking Hats, Mysteries, Deep questioning techniques, Building Learning Power, De Costa’s Habits of Mind. These will help students develop their knowledge and understanding, analysis and application, creativity and ability to think flexible (key skills across all of their subjects). Students will also engage in debates and discussions asking them to consider a range of topics, broadening their knowledge and understanding of the world. These lesson are designed to help students develop the key skills to succeed and achieve the highest success at Oakwood Park Grammar School.

Oakwood Park Grammar School is also currently undertaking a Thinking Hard program across all subjects designed to help students think in more detail about the topics in their subjects. The program focuses on 3 key areas. Knowledge and understanding, Analysis and application and Making Connections.  It is designed to give students a holistic approach to thinking. Thinking Hard encourages students to access their thinking skills across the curriculum as well as being more critical and analytical in class.  Students will be taught key skills to successful breakdown complex tasks and focus on key elements for success. Using this methodology and key vocabulary students will be able to more effectively answer complex questions and achieve at the highest level. This Program is designed to help students rise to the challenge of the public exams and university entrance exams and achieve the highest possible results at Oakwood Park Grammar School.

Useful Links

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