OPGS Sustainability Mission Statement:

Oakwood Park Grammar School cares about sustainability and is committed to being a secondary school that does something about it. Our aim is to inspire and engage our students, staff and parents, so we can work together to comply with the government legislation to combat zero carbon net emissions by 2050 and make positive changes to ensure OPGS has a sustainable mind set. Since September 2019, we have started to create practical changes, through education, support, and inspirational projects around the school and the local community to help create a greater ethos of sustainability. Mrs Alltimes, as the Lead Teacher of Sustainability has begun implementing positive changes in the school environment, implementing ideas and projects such as starting several recyling schemes, creating more wild spaces and setting  up “Green Club”, which consists of volunteer students, as well as a few members of staff, who are passionate about local sustainable projects, national environmental issues, and wildlife conservation.

Maidstone’s wildlife has suffered with a huge amount of habitat loss in the last few decades and so Mrs Alltimes and Green Club decided to create a few wildlife areas around the school to encourage birds, insects and bees, as well as plant more trees to help support the net zero carbon emissions by 2050. One of the wildlife areas is a wildflower meadow, the group felt this was particularly important, because it would provide a vital wildlife space to the much-endangered bee population.

Our aim is for young people to reconnect with nature and learn how to become more sustainable. OPGS realises that many secondary schools do very little about green and sustainable thinking and learning but we are making changes to ensure our students can help to change the future, with the innervational opportunities that are being delivered. OPGS wants to be one of the leading secondary schools in the sustainably movement.