Transition Tips Week 8

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we would like you to think about how independent you son is currently, and I have provided some ideas below for things that he will need to be able to manage for himself next year.  The student activity is based around planning a morning routine which should allow them to get to school on time – if this routine is followed it should minimise stress for both yourself and your son, enabling him to arrive at school ‘ready to learn’ and set up for the day.  I would strongly suggest that he tries to get as organised as possible the night before school, rather than leaving everything until the morning though!

I also wanted to let you know what other transition activities we will have for you in the weeks leading up to the summer break:

  • I will continue to make Teams calls to students who are in school, however we would like to extend this opportunity to students who are currently at home as well.  If your son would be able to participate in a group video call from home, then could you please email and indicate a first and second choice from the list of days and times below.  If your son is the only pupil from his school, he may prefer to attend one of the after school group sessions so that he can meet some other students– this is fine – please email to sign him up!  I am able to see a maximum of 9 students per session, so we will add some additional dates should these all fill up! 
  • Monday 29th June, 10-10.30am
  • Tuesday 30th June 2-2.30pm
  • Tuesday 30th June 4-4-30pm
  • Wednesday 1st July 11-11.30am
  • Thursday 2nd July 4-4.30pm
  • Next week we will be sending you a link to the virtual tour of the school, so that students can reacquaint themselves with our school site.
  • The following week will be a video from the Senior Team, outlining key information which (under normal circumstances) would have been presented to you at the new parents information evening
  • Thursday 9th July would have been our taster day – I am sad that I won’t get to properly meet  all of our new students before September, however an important part of this day was also experiencing what a lesson in a secondary school would have been like.  With this in mind, we have devised a program of 5 remote lessons which the boys can undertake at any time over the summer.  These are optional and they can complete as much or as little as they like – but I would love to see the work they do and there will be some rewards in store in September for the best work!
  • Miss Goodhew will be in touch with you all with more details regarding a family project we would like students to undertake over the summer break.

Finally, we have an update for you regarding uniform from Simmonds.  I know you are all keen to know student houses so that you are able to order ties but I am afraid that information is not ready yet.  Normally, we give Simmonds a list of houses and students, and the ties that have been ordered on the uniform fitting day are handed out to students in school on the taster day at the start of July.  Instead, this year we have asked Simmonds to provide every student’s first tie to the school so that we can give these out on the first day of term.  These will be at a reduced price of £6 and payment can be made to the school finance office in September.  You may also wish to order a second tie,  in which case you will be able to do this once we have finalised the form and house details – I will get these to you as soon as possible, and certainly before the end of the summer term – allowing plenty of time to take advantage of the free delivery offered by Simmonds.

Please do get in contact if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Miss Beeney

Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

Activity: Encouraging Independence 

  • Think about what else your child could do more independently:
  • Do they walk themselves to school? Could they begin to walk part of the journey themselves if not?
  • Do they know how to cross roads safely?  
  • Can they make simple meals?  If not now is the time to start teaching them!  
  • Do they organise their own equipment?
  • Can they pack their own bag for school/a day out?
  • Do they dress appropriately for the weather?
  • Can they tie a tie?

Activity/ Tip for students

Activity: Morning Routine and time planning

Pupils Activity on p9-10   

Think about what your morning will look like – you will arrive at school more ‘ready to learn’ if your morning has not been a mad panic trying to frantically get ready!