Transition Tips 2021 Week 10

Dear Parents and Carers,

You should by now have received two emails regarding form groups and house groups for your son.  This will allow you to now purchase the correct colour tie to match with your son’s house.  The colours you need to purchase are as follows:

  • Broughton – red stripe
  • Fisher – purple stripe
  • Hazlitt – green strips
  • Sadler – blue stripe
  • Wilberforce – yellow stripe

Ties are available from the Simmonds website:

When deciding on form groups, we consider the information provided in the form tutor information and friendship form, as well as the information we receive from your son’s year 6 teacher at Primary school.  Although we try our best to accommodate friendship preferences, sometimes we are unable to make certain friendship groupings work and the split for a particular group has to be put in somewhere – we try not to have too many students from the same Primary school in a single form.  Students will still have plenty of opportunities to socialise outside of the classroom. Having friends in another class often opens the opportunity to access a wider friendship group that they may have done otherwise – especially in the early days.  Equally, if your son is the only student from his Primary school coming to us next year, please do reassure him that there are many students in this position, and he will certainly not be the only student in his form group who is on their own.  It is helpful if your son is feeling negative about either of these aspects for you to try to help him to ‘flip his thinking’ and reframe the negative thought to a positive.  For example: “No one I know is going to be in my class/school” can be reframed as “That’s a great opportunity to meet new people”.

Our boys will have experienced lots of different emotions over the last few weeks and months.  To help them prepare for the next big chapter in their lives, we need them to experience saying ‘goodbye’ to their current school, before they can say ‘hello’ to us.

The following questions may help act as discussion points for conversations between now and the end of term:

  • Do I need to repair any relationships before I move on?
  • Are there things in myself that I need to think about and alter to be successful in my new school?
  • Who and what am I grateful for?
  • What and who am I going to miss?
  • How am I going to look after myself during the transition?
  • What memories do they have of Primary School that they would like to recall?


We have enjoyed meeting with the students over the past few weeks in our online sessions.  We hope that the boys who attended found them useful, however we have not forgotten that we need to get some important information to you as parents as well!  Some of this information is repeated from their online session, but it may be helpful to watch this parent information session with your son so that you can discuss the content with him:

We hope you find this video presentation useful – if you do still have any queries or concerns please do get in touch via the email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Miss Beeney and Mr Keeling-Jones


Activity for Parents/Carers

  • Check you know what house and form your son will be in next year
  • Order a tie in the appropriate house colour especially if you already have the rest of the uniform!
  • Start to talk to your child about how they are feeling about leaving Primary school. .
    • Would your son like to say goodbye to any particular staff?
    • Who are they grateful for meeting?
    • What are they grateful for experiencing?
    • Who and what are they going to miss about Primary School?
  • Although this seems a few weeks off yet, it may be better for some children to start thinking about saying their goodbyes little by little, rather than having to rush on the last few days of term.
  • Acknowledging these feelings with your children can be very powerful as well as very reassuring that you understand their feelings.


  • Watch the parent presentation with someone at home – hopefully this will answer any questions you may have
  • If you still have questions, get them emailed to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!