Transition Tips 2021 Week 4

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week’s tips are all about reading the school timetable.  At Oakwood Park Grammar School we follow a two-weekly cycle on the timetable – the first week in September is always week 1 and then the weeks alternate from there for the whole year, if we break up for the holidays in week 1 it would be week 2 upon our return. This can cause some confusion initially, with students packing for the wrong week, but form teachers will remind the boys and they do get used to it very quickly.  Miss Beeney has recorded a short video explaining how to read the timetable and complete the task (the link is in the pupil activity below) – this will be especially useful if your son is not completing these tasks in school with his year 6 teacher.  We will send you the answers next week, so you can see if he managed to read the timetable correctly!

The timetable is always available on our parent and student EduLink app so you can check there if you lose track of where we are.  For a preview of the EduLink app and what you will be able to see and do you can visit:!/demo

Giving your son responsibility for packing his bag the night before school is highly recommended – it will make for a much less stressful morning for everyone in the family! However, he is likely to need support with this to begin with – we would suggest that you help him to devise a system where he can check what he needs and pack the bag, following the same routine every day.  As he becomes more confident with this you can start to reduce the support – initially by checking with him that he has packed correctly, then just checking that he has packed and finally allowing him to take full responsibility for himself.  Getting him into a good routine with this should help to avoid those panicked “forgotten PE kit” phone calls!

Miss Beeney & Mr Keeling-Jones


Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

  • There is an example of how our timetable actually looks on the school website at  This is read in the same way as the simplified version in the booklet.
  • Before your son starts the activity on pages 12-13, please could you add the following two members of staff to the staff list on page 14 – they will need this information for question 18 – apologies for the omission!
    • STA: Mr S Thomas – Ryder
    • VMA: Miss V Minter
    • Please do note though, that although this is based on our OPGS timetable, staff names have been changed to fictitious ones as these pages were used for all Maidstone schools to support students going to any secondary school.
  • What equipment or resources would your child currently need to take into school on specific days?
    • Could your child organise this independently?
    • Perhaps they can start to pack their own bag ready for school now?
  • Start to instil in your son that there are usually consequences at secondary school for students that do not have the correct equipment or resources.

Pupil Activity

  • Watch the video explaining how to read the school timetable:
  • Complete pages 13-14 in your Transition Booklet
  • Do you currently pack your own bag with the equipment and resources you need each day for primary school?
    • If not, is this something you might be able to take more responsibility for from now?