Transition Tips 2021 Week 9

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week’s top tips centre around the virtual tour of the school, which you may already have seen but is definitely worth a revisit.  Hopefully, you managed to come to one of our Open Mornings when your son was in Year 5 and this video should refresh your memories.  If not, it will give you a snapshot of what the school is like – it’s not fully comprehensive but will hopefully provoke some discussions about what your son is excited about for September and perhaps any worries he may have. We do suggest you watch it together and take some time to chat about the content.  (For those of you I have not met online yet – I am the lady in green opening the doors!  ~ Miss Beeney) You can watch the video here:

Thinking about what is to come in September may also make your son think about leaving his current school.  This is likely to be hard for him, as in most cases he will have been there with the same group of students for the last seven years! It can be scary to think about moving away from that comfortable environment.  The second task this week is to think about how he would like to say goodbye to his current school/teachers/classmates – perhaps you could help him to make, or just write, some goodbye cards?

Next week we will be sending more detailed information, in the form of a narrated presentation from some key members of staff, with lots of useful information in for all of you parents. We will also launch our virtual lessons so that the boys can experience a taster of some secondary style lessons.  These will be available right through the summer and students can dip into any of the content they fancy.  Form groups and houses will finalised and sent to you by the end of next week as well.

Finally, for those who need to purchase the KCC travel pass, we can confirm that the application link for this is now working again. You must apply for this before 1st August to ensure that your sons pass is available in school for him to collect on the first day of term.

Kind Regards,

Miss Beeney & Mr Keeling-Jones

Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

Activity: Saying Goodbye

Watch the virtual tour together – discuss what your son is excited about for September.  Are there particular things or subjects he is looking forward to? Does he have any worries?

Talk to your son about how they would like to say goodbye to key staff at their current school –perhaps help them to make cards.

Activity/ Tip for students

Activity: Saying Goodbye


Watch the virtual tour together with your parents

Think about how you will say goodbye to your friends and teachers from your current school