Transition Tips 2021 Week 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope everyone managed to make the most of the glorious weather last week at half term and that the boys are returning to school feeling refreshed and ready for a busy Term 6.  Attached to this email you will find a letter from Mr Moody, detailing the transition support that we have planned for over the coming term.

Headteacher’s Letter re Transition Arrangements

Starting from next week, we will be running some after school online meetings for small groups of students to have a virtual meeting with one of the pastoral team responsible for Year 7 next year.  The meetings will take place using the Microsoft Teams platform:  You do not need to download any specific software for the meeting as the link you are sent will open in your browser.  The meetings can be accessed on any internet enabled device – it is nice to ‘meet’ the students virtually and see them on camera, but if you do not have access to a webcam or phone with camera (or if your son is particularly camera shy!), please do not worry, it is not essential!  Students would need microphone access to contribute verbally – however this again is not essential as they can contribute via the text chat facility if the microphone is not available.

The sessions are expected to last around 40 minutes, depending on the number of questions that the students may ask.  These sessions are aimed at the students rather than at parents, however they may need your assistance to get connected. The sessions will run on the following dates and times:


Sessions will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a session you have chosen becomes full and we are unable to allocate this to you, we will contact you on the email address provided to ask you to make a second choice selection.  There is a space on the form for any additional information you think we may need to know, in order to book or facilitate the session – if you would like contact to be made to a different email address, then please add this here.  Please select a session using the following form


Students may find it helpful to look back over the work they have completed in their transition booklet in advance of the meeting, so that they can be sure to ask any questions they may have from these tasks so far.


In this week’s activities we are asking Parents to discuss a key skill for secondary school: “What should I do if…?” problem solving.  Helping students to rehearse useful phrases such as “I’m lost”, “I’m sorry I’m late.”, “Please could you help me?”, “Who should I ask/tell about…?”, “Where would I find…?” etc.  will hopefully help them to stay calm and remember what to do should the situation arise for real.  Full instructions are below.

We are looking forward to ‘meeting’ the boys in the Teams sessions from next week!

Miss Beeney and Mr Keeling-Jones

Miss C Beeney – SENCo and Director of Studies, Year 7

Mr M Keeling Jones – Senior Pastoral Leader


Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

Activity: Managing Situations

Discuss with your child problem solving ideas – what could they do if something does not go to plan? Who could they ask for help if they were unsure about something? Talk about your own experiences of how you have asked people to help you in different situations, emphasise that everyone needs help sometimes!

The scenarios below are probably the most common situations that Year 7’s find themselves in where they might have a ‘brain freeze’ moment and not know what to do – try to discuss with them what they could do or say in these situations, or who they could ask for help.  If they have rehearsed a contingency plan then they might remember it when in the moment!

  • Forgotten homework
  • Forgotten PE kit
  • Argument with a friend
  • Miss my bus
  • Lost my jumper
  • Can’t find my bag
  • Don’t understand my homework
  • Feel ill during a lesson
  • Bus is delayed and arrive late to school
  • Forgotten my lunch fob
  • Lost my bus pass
  • Can’t find my lesson

You will find some ideas to help with this activity here:

Student Activity: Managing Situations

Complete page 18 of your student booklet.

Try to think about how this situation would make someone feel, and what they can do to make the situation better, or who they can ask to help them.