Transition Tips 2021 Week 8

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week we would like you to think about how independent you son is currently, and we have provided some ideas below for things that he will need to be able to manage for himself next year.  The student activity is based around planning a morning routine which should allow them to get to school on time – if this routine is followed it should minimise stress for both yourself and your son; enabling him to arrive at school ‘ready to learn’ and all set up for the day.  To reduce stress in the mornings we would strongly suggest that he tries to get as organised as possible the night before school, rather than leaving everything until the morning though!

We will be continuing with our Teams calls to students next week and have added some additional dates during the week commencing 5th July for anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to attend.  Feedback from students who have attended so far suggests that these sessions are worthwhile, so please do try to sign your son up for one if you possibly can!  The additional dates we have added are listed in bold below:

  • Monday 28th June 4pm
  • Monday 5th July 4pm
  • Wednesday 7th July 3.45pm

Please use this link to sign up for a session:

Thursday 8th July would have been our taster day under ‘normal’ circumstances.  We are sad that we won’t get to properly meet all of our new students before September, and we understand that it must be daunting for students to be starting at a new school without this support.  Please do reassure your sons that they will have a day in school on Friday 3rd September where the only students in school will be themselves and year 12.  This will allow us to set up a bespoke induction day timetable for them before they need to navigate their way around a full school, on a normal day.  Another important aspect of the taster day that students will miss is experiencing what a lesson in a secondary school is like.  With this in mind, we have devised a program of 5 remote lessons which the boys can undertake at any time over the summer.  Ideal for bored boys on a rainy day!  These are optional and the boys can complete as much or as little of the work as they like – but we would love to see what they produce and there will be some rewards in store in September for the best work!  These activities will ‘go live’ on the school website on Thursday 8th July and will be accessible via:

Our school catering provider, independent catering, have produced a video showcasing the breakfast, lunch and breaktime service they offer.  This can be accessed via – this is an ideal watch for any fussy eaters or those who may be trying to decide whether to have a packed lunch or a school dinner.  Our current menus can also be accessed via

Please do get in contact if you have any queries or concerns around transition – our tips over the last few weeks of term will focus on preparing your son emotionally for the changes ahead and with saying goodbye to his current school.

Kind Regards,

Miss Beeney & Mr Keeling-Jones


Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

Activity: Encouraging Independence

  • Think about what else your child could do more independently:
    • Do they walk themselves to school? Could they begin to walk part of the journey themselves if not?
    • Do they know how to cross busy roads safely?
    • Can they make simple meals?  If not now is the time to start teaching them!
    • Do they organise their own equipment?
    • Can they pack their own bag for school/a day out?
    • Do they dress appropriately for the weather?
    • Can they tie a tie?

Activity/Tip for students

Activity: Morning Routine and time planning

Pupils Activity on p9-10

Think about what your morning will look like – you will arrive at school more ‘ready to learn’ if your morning has not been a mad panic trying to frantically get ready!