Transition Tips 2022 - Week 1

Dear Parents/Carers,

The primary schools within Maidstone District are running a transition project for all their Year 6 pupils – therefore you may already have some support from your son’s current school being provided in a similar way.  However, we are aware that many of our students are coming from schools outside of the Maidstone District, so we thought it would be helpful to have a similar program of activities for your son to work through to help prepare him for transitioning to Oakwood Park Grammar School in September.

We have adapted the Maidstone project slightly to suit it specifically to OPGS, however the content of the booklet and activities to complete will be broadly the same.  We are running the project a couple of weeks behind the Maidstone Primary Schools, so you should find that if your son is completing these activities in his current Primary school, he will already be familiar with the activity, and should be able to talk to you about what he has learnt with his Year 6 teacher; this is probably a more useful use of his time than repeating an activity he has already done.

The booklet attached to this email contains various activities which we will guide you through across the summer term in a series of weekly emails.  It is not designed to be completed in a single sitting, or even necessarily in order, but we will direct you to the relevant pages in our instructions.  Each week we will be sending home a tip and/or activity for you to discuss or complete with your son to support their move to Secondary School, and some activities for your son to undertake as well.

 Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

  • If you haven’t already done so, think about how you can help your child to be more independent at home:
    • Do they put their clothes away or complete simple jobs like making their own bed or packed lunches/make hot drinks etc.?
  • Questioning – activity for Red and Green Questions (pdf instructions attached)
  • Ask your son if they know who else is going to the same school and encourage friendships.  These may not be the children your child usually socialises with, but it is always good to have a familiar face in the first few weeks.
    • Remind your child that they will make new friends when they start their new school.
  • Ask your son to complete the activity on page 8 of the transition booklet.
    • Try to find a quiet time to discuss these activities at home once he has completed them.

Pupil Activity

  • Page 8 Activity: TFT Worries!
    • Use two different coloured pens to ‘sort’ the things you are worried about, and those you are confident with.
  • Page 9 Activity: I can do this!
    • Discuss these concerns or worries with someone you trust.  Try to think of two plans for each scenario which you might be able to follow should this issue arise.

I hope you find these activities and tips useful.

Mr M Keeling Jones – Senior Pastoral Leader and Director of Studies, Year 7