Transition Tips Week 2

Dear Parents, 

I hope that you found last weeks tips useful in prompting a discussion around what to expect from secondary school and that they gave you an insight into how your son may be feeling at the moment.  If your house is anything like mine then I think that the “Red questions” might make frequent appearances over the next few weeks!

This weeks tips are all focussed around the Journey to and from school.

I hope that you find them useful!

Kind Regards,

Miss Beeney

Director of Studies, Year 7

Activity/Tip for Parents/Carers

Travel planning – How will your child get to and from school every day?

  • Can you incorporate/practise the journey (or part of it, for those of you further afield) as part of your daily exercise whilst you are at home? 
  • Alternatively, if your son will be using public transport, can you use Google Maps or other apps to see where the bus stops (etc.) are?  You could plan your journey?  
  • Can they read a bus and/or train timetable?  
  • Do they have access to the Arriva Bus App which gives them up to date information about the buses they may need to use? Do they know how to check live train travel information online?
  • Have a think about your contingency plans – although it might be too soon to share this with your son:
    • What will happen if he misses his bus/train for whatever reason? 
      • How would he let you know?
      • How would he get to school in the morning?
      • How would he get home?

For Pupils

Have a look at and complete page 12 of the transition booklet

  • How will you be travelling to school? 
  • Can you use Google Maps to plan your journey?  
  • If you are going by bus:
    • What time is your bus in the morning? In the afternoon?
    • Where will you get on the bus? Think about the morning and the afternoon
    • Where will you get off the bus? Again – morning and afternoon, they are likely to be different!
    • How long does it take?
    • Have you got access to the Arriva App?  Consider downloading this if not. 
    • Who else might be on your bus? Other students from your primary school? Perhaps you know some of our year 7’s?
  • If you are going by train:
    • What times are your trains?
    • Which train stations will you use?
    • How will you get to and from the train station at home and in Maidstone?
    • Will you have to change trains? If so, where? 
    • How long will it take?
    • Do you know how to check the live travel information online?
    • Who else might be on your train? Other students from your primary school? Perhaps you know some of our year 7’s?